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All the twitter tools you need for your next social media strategy!

Twitter had $787 million in revenue last year, and their monthly active users are close to 330 million. Which makes it a useful platform for the marketing of your product, service, or movement, especially if you are a small business with no significant budget and most of the twitter tools here are free to use.

It allows you to interact with customers and influencers for free, and a good conversation yields high ROI.

To maximize the impact of twitter, thousands of tools are available on the web, and I have gathered a list of useful twitter tools in every possible category.

In this, I have tested over 300 twitter tools to give the most valuable list.

The best part about marketing tools is, they make our work more comfortable by providing insights and removing the repetitive work from the process. But the problem is that as time goes by, some tools get stopped working or not stay as valuable at the time of writing.

So, I will keep updating the article to give you the relevant working twitter tool that can enhance your marketing return and conversations.

This article aims to give at least two tools that you do not know yet and help you in some way. Let us start with analytics.

The Best Twitter Tool for Analytics

Getting information from social media tools helps in getting a sense of your audience. Analytics empowers you to make informed decisions on your marketing strategy to achieve your objectives. There is no use of analytics if you don’t do educated work on it. So, always take action on the insights you received from these tools.

MavSocial – is a social media management dashboard that can manage, schedule, and publish up to 50 social networks with a social calendar feature, including twitter.

MavSocial analyses social conversations, boost engagement and create cyclical campaigns that automatically repost your high-performing content.

Twitter tool for analytics, MavSocial features page.

Price: Mavsocial value starts with $190/year for one user for up to 10 profiles and goes up to $4990/year for 20 users.

This twitter tool has both an app and a chrome extension to coordinate better.

Zoomph – allow you to create campaigns, track engagement, and measure ROI. Zoomph differentiates the user interest in more than 200+ predefined metrics such as sports, IT professionals, and Hip-Hop. This insight helps you find and understand your customers better on twitter and make a good drive.

Twitter analytics web tool, Zoomph.

Price: Request a demo, and cost will depend on your need and the plan you choose.

Quintly – allows you to benchmark your channels against each other to get insight to make your strategy better on social media which makes him different from other twitter tools. It gives an in-depth analysis of 350+ customizable metrics in a dashboard. You can automate reporting to save time and effort.

Quintly is a twitter analytics tool. This is the current plans and its prices.

Price: plan starts with $300/month that covers all the core features of Quintly.

Talkwalker – is social media analytics and monitoring platform that supports analyzing key metrics from customers, campaigns, competitors, and industry together.

Nowadays, 80% of posts contain an image where their image recognition service comes handy that recognizes your logo and other visual assets.

Talkwalker AI technology can analyze customer sentiment in a minute. Virality and trending scores are other features used to track viral and trending content on twitter.

Talkwalker also provides a free alert system that follows your digital actions across the Internet and Twitter!

Twitter social media analytics and monitoring platform is Talkwalker.

Price: Request for the demo and go for what is best for your business.

Twitter Audit – Do you know how many followers are fake on your twitter account? You can find the same through only this tool among all twitter tool here.

Twitter tool, TwitterAudit tells you about the fake followers of your acount.

Price: free use available, and pro plan starts at $4.99/month for unlimited audit.

Twitonomy – give you analysis on anyone tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags, and followers. You can back up your tweet, retweet, and favourites to excel for better analysis. Find who doesn’t follow you back. Also, track the clicks on the links in your tweets.

The hompage of Twitonomy, a twitter tool.

Price: free to use, and monthly subscription cost $20/month for advanced analytics and reports feature.

The app is available on both platforms, Android, and iOS.

Twitter Analytics – is in-house web analytics that can show up to the last 28 days summary of your account. Along with essential metrics like the number of tweets, impressions, profile visits, mentions, top and new followers.

Twitter Analytics tool.

Price: free to use and an excellent place to start to know your account well.

Eclincher – helps social media management through scheduling, publishing, website analytics, and much more. It monitors and increases engagement by providing the content feeds for the user.

Its app is available on iOS and Android with the chrome extension.

Price: no free service, paid plan starts with basic, which costs $59/month and goes up to $219 per month that offers up to 40 profiles and six users. – analyses any public profile to give information on their hashtags used, mention, join date, time zone, and follower ratio.

Price: twitter analytics tool is free to use.

Audiense – gives you depth knowledge of your followers and makes interaction with them at scale possible. Audiense connect can do your followers segmentation to get useful comprehension for better implementation of the strategy.

Chrome extension of the audiense twitter analytics tool is available.

Price: start with a free plan which gives you necessary reports and limited audience segmentation. Payment of $79 per month offers advanced monitoring and listening and twitter tailored audiences for advertising.

SocialBlade – has access to 41.3 million accounts, including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and Dailymotion, to provide global analytics for your account. Find influencers and rank your videos with the help of SocialBlade. A new feature they have created called Report cards for Youtube.

Price: free to use, minimum bronze plan cost 3.99$/month for premium features.

It has a chrome extension and app for better usability.

Untweeps – free tool helps you find inactive twitter accounts who don’t add value to your Twitter experience.

Price: Untweeps allows you to scan a maximum of 7500 followers in 3 intervals of 2.5K each for inactive accounts. The paid plan is $1.5 for three days with an unlimited scan and $5 for one month.

Klear – You can find influencers using Klear as per your industry and area you want to target. Klear provides influencer analysis based on different social media platforms to align your brand goals.

Price: Klear decides the price based on your requirements; hence book a demo if you liked it.

Account Analysis – can tell with whom a person interacts the most or which profile content it often retweets on twitter.

Price: it is a free tool with limited features.

Commun – can be used to manage your community by engaging with your followers, sharing top curated content, and looking at the analytics to gain insights.

Price: free to use. has a chrome extension and android app to make it easy for you.

Twilert – offer a real-time alert when a user talks about your brand, client, and competitors on twitter. Monitor the situation as they happen and uncover what has been said online about your brand.

“Advanced Search on Twitter but on Steroids.”

– Neil Patel 

Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics

Price: free to start with few alerts and paid plans cost $9/month for hourly, daily, and weekly scheduling and standard support.

Tweriod –  It analyses your and follower’s tweet to predict the best time, so you can start tweeting when it makes the most sense to others.

It has a chrome extension for sharing the content easily.

Price: free to use.

Snap Bird – give power to your twitter search. It can search within your direct message, friend’s tweet or other user likes.

Price: it has a free plan which you can explore before moving to a paid one.

Visible Tweets – Through Visible tweets, brands can see their targeted keywords in different colours and fonts to match their style on a beautiful wall. The tool is beneficial in a presentation or a talk.

You need to allow flash in your browser setting to utilize this web-based tool.

Price: free to use.

The Best Twitter App

On average, a person checks his phone 80 times a day, and it increases in the case of millennials. That is the reason why most of the business want to have a mobile app for their customers. Apps that can enhance your twitter experience comes in different categories like scheduling, analytics, design, hashtags, and chat. Let us see a few of them.

Young man using smartphone on city street at night

Crowdfire – is an all-rounder social media app that offers scheduling tweets, analytics, engagement, and social listening. You can also share content directly from your blog feed or from article recommendation to your audience.

Price: free to use with ten scheduling post per profile with limited features

Crowdfire has a chrome extension for ease of work.

Tweetbot – is a twitter client for iOS devices. It gives better personalization by showing the tweet you want and removing others by using specific filters.

Price: free to use.

UberSocial – delivers you a lot of options on a slide such as a video stream, trends, nearby tweets, and inner circle. The inner circle is like a list in which you can put people who matter most to you for quick access. The world’s most popular full-featured Twitter app is available for iPhone and Android!

Ubersocial is free to use, and the paid version is also available with more features.

TweetCaster – Twitter client with lots of cool features for iOS and Android

A picture containing bird, parrot Description automatically generated

Price: Free with limited features.

Twindr – can be used to unfollow your followers by just swiping left. This iOS-only app has a 4.4 rating out of 5 and 132 scores on the App store. This app is free, with no in-app purchases and ads.

Price: the app is freely available on the Play Store.

Friendly For Twitter – You can download videos and pictures from twitter to your smartphone through this app. This twitter client comes with smart notification and fewer background tasks. And It offers many-coloured themes and dark mode feature.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Price: free to use with banner ads.

Novinhub – is a social media manager that can post and schedule messages, manage comments, and provide insights on your social media accounts. You can add twitter, telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and youtube accounts to the Novinhub for comprehensions.

Price: there is a 7-day trial, and the minimum plan cost 9.99 euro for five social media accounts and 2 GB storage.

The Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

Unfollowing people on twitter is essential to keep your experience real and conversations meaningful. Twitter does its part to remove the bot and spam accounts from flourishing on his platform, but it has his limits. You can unfollow the followers by using the below twitter unfollow tools. These tools can also help you get better insights on your followers and get suggestions of like-minded people using their bio keywords.

A drawing of a person Description automatically generated

Owlead – gets you real followers in your targeted audience using multiple filters like gender, location, keywords, language, etc. You can unfollow the users at bulk using Owlead.

Price: Owlead comes with a ten-day free trial in all its plans, and the minimum one starts at 19$ per month for one twitter account.

Unfollowerstats – is the most used unfollow twitter tool as it allows for unfollowing the non-following back user without intrusive ads. You can unfollow multiple people at the same time with standard features like mute, blocked, whitelisted, and inactive users.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Price: free to use with limited actions, ad-free experience costs $2.99 per month.

WhoUnfollowedMe – does what exactly its name suggests, i.e., unfollow the user who has unfollowed you on twitter.

Price: free to use with a limit.

DoesFollow – Did he follow me? Does the person you admire follow you on Twitter? Find that with the doesfollow tool.

Price: free to use.

SocialRank – The easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Receive a sorted list of your best, influential, and most engaged followers. Useful to track the crucial people to engage with on Twitter.

Price: minimum core plan starts at 24$ for the individuals and growing brands.

Bluenod – Get visualization of your twitter profile with the ability to search influencer that can give more mileage to your content marketing and social media strategy.

Price: it cost $99/month to find the most shared content and top influencers, and the cost goes to $599 for an enterprise plan that can give 100 Maps.

Followfly – Social media is becoming noisy nowadays. With so many people competing for our attention, it is hard to know who is worth following. To help you with that, FollowFly provides you with the best content of a profile.

Price: Free to use.

The Best Twitter Tools for Engagement

85% SMB believes having the presence on twitter is vital as half-billion tweets send every day from the platform, but that does not mean success for you. Engagement is defined as your success, including metrics such as likes, retweets, comments, product or services query, new followers, and CTR.

We like you, Too :}

Mentionmapp – is more of a visual application than an analytical one. Still, it achieves the purpose of finding an exciting and meaningful conversation for your brand to drive the conversations.

Mentionmap is a visual twitter tool.


Price: free to use with fewer features and do the sign up for more options to play with.

Circleboom – can do more than scheduling posts — it shows active and inactive accounts, offers advanced search filters, and many more.

Price: free to use for one profile with limitation; plan starts with $8 per month to use advanced features.

ClicktoTweet – allows you to boost your content by adding tweetable quotes in your blog posts. It turns the twitter audience into readers without spending a dollar.

Price: Free to use.

Clicktotweet has a google chrome extension to share content effortlessly.

HootSuite – is another social media management tool that looks like a paid version of TweetDeck with more features. Hootsuite dashboard gives you multiple streams of various social media platforms to better understand your followers. They have integrated with twitter customer feedback feature to enhance. The analytics panel provides numerous templates for report purpose and data visualization.

Price: a plan of Hootsuite starts with Rs. 1260/- with 30 days free trial.

The availability of extension and app makes Hootsuite more effective.

SocialWall – presents your social media beautifully by mentioning it on the screen, which they called Wall.


Price: paid Social Wall plans to start at 450 euros, and you can request the price for the business plan as per business requirements.

Social Bearing – It has a customizable analytics dashboard for enhanced analysis.



Price: Free to use.

Chrome extension is available for Social bearing, but there is a lack of app availability.

Socialmention – tracks your social mention on this social media search engine. Social mention is free to use—no, chrome extension or app available from this twitter tool.

ScoutZen – Find people, influencer, list, and communities that matter for you and your business.


Price: the free plan is available, and the basic plan costs 51$/per month for export of up to 1 million results.

Tweepi – find users by #hashtag of your interest. Tweepi AI feature helps you connect with like-minded people by suggesting twitter profiles to follow.

Tweepi bulk default chrome extension is available by the third party to perform default action for all users on the tweepi page.

Price: It starts with a free plan of limited features and goes to $13 per month for more AI-based recommendations.

Twitterfall – gets you a live twitter feed with multiple options such as changing the size of tweet text, colour, font, fall size, and no of retweets.

Price: free, but you can contribute to the tool’s working by donating a small amount.

The Best Twitter Tools for Chats

A dedicated Chat is always a required feature in most social media platforms, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or twitter. Chat feature with hashtag benefit in creating a community and building a brand audience. You can actively listen to your participants and get instant feedback or answers on your product, service, or movement.

A picture containing indoor, sitting, table, bowl Description automatically generated

Twubs – If you’re looking for a tool to find and follow relevant Twitter chats or even hosting one, Twubs offers the most excellent solution. This Twitter API-compliant chat tool aggregates Tweets, images, and videos into a branded page and is free to use.

If you want to increase social reach, engagement, and revenue by finding the relevant hashtags and twitter chat, twubs is a good option.

Price: free to use

Twchat – allows you to create real-time chat rooms based on twitter hashtags.

Price: Free and easy to use. – Enter the hashtag you want to follow for the chat.

Price: using the Tchat is free; you must log in to avoid a popup every time while tweeting.

Twitter Tools for Discovering Fresh Content

There are millions of blogs and billions of blog posts on the Internet. Still hard to find engaging content for sharing, but it is essential to keep your profile appealing. Discovering unique content is not difficult using the below tools.

A person sitting in a dark room

Buzzsumo – is my favourite tool to know what is trending and working on social media. Get the most shared articles and other content by entering your desired keyword.

Twitter engagement tool, Buzzsumo.

Price: free to use for limited search, paid plan cost you 99$/month for unlimited monthly searches and five users.

Buzzsumo has a chrome extension that provides the page’s engagement statistic with the evergreen score and number of links it has.

Twiends is a twitter-oriented tool that helps discover a fascinating twitter profile to build your audience and engage with them.

Price: free to use and 1$ to be in the feature list in which they encourage new users to follow you to increase your followers organically.

Nuzzel – is an app and web-based service to provide industry related important news and info to stay ahead, whether its media, technology, finance, Arts, and others.


Price: It is free.

There is no chrome extension but, it’s app is available – you can download from both platforms, iOS and play store.

Twipho – this tool gives you the information in the form of images on the hashtags you searched.

Price: free to use.

Latest – provide you with the latest and most excellent links from twitter.

Price: free to use, and there is no extension or app available.

The Best Twitter Tools for Images

Adding visual touch to your words can yield more engagement and shares, which results in a broader audience. Because of that, most of the companies are having a separate budget to create visual content and graphical assets. But you don’t need the grant to start or to do beautiful work.

A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, photo

Social Image Resizer – A Tool by Internet Marketing Ninja. The Social Image Resizer Tool is an absolute must-have if you need to resize images for your social media profiles often quickly.

It lets you upload your photos and easily resize them to set sizes for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and custom sizes and standard icon and avatar sizes:

For Facebook getting the photo size and aspect ratio, just right is crucial.

Another similar tool, Social Media Image Maker, includes even more social network options, such as YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Vimeo.

Price: free to use every time.

Pablo: is made by Buffer. Pablo enables everyone to build images for their work without any sign in or subscription. Better for creating customizable text-based photos, especially for the better social media engagement with more than 25+ font style available to choose from.

Price: free to use image creation tool for twitter by Buffer.

Chrome extension is available, although the app is not there like Canva and Stencil.

Twitterbackgroundsgallery – A twitter background is available in every possible category.

Price: free to use, and I encourage you to submit your work to enhance the collection.

Canva – provides an easy drag and drop editor to create professional visuals without pro skills. It has more than one million images, templates, graphics, and fonts to choose from.

Learning part of Canva, which I like the most, it offers multiple courses like one on, his tool, basic design, social media marketing and branding.

Price: free to use with stock content, including images, templates, and graphics across 100+ design types. Pro plan costs 9$ per month for more features with a custom template.

You can access the Canva chrome extension by following the link, and the app is available for download on the play store.

Promo Republic is a way to integrate your social media with e-commerce; they do it by creating content, running social media ads, and monitoring your business. If your targeted audience uses enough social media, then this is for you!

Price: plan with advanced social media calendar and content suggestion cost for ten social media pages and 2 team members.

Stencil: got you covered with pre-set image sizes for most of the social media platforms including twitter. They claim to include more than 23 lakh royalty-free images to start your design for social media, Ads, or blogpost.

You can preview the final image before sharing, and integration with Buffer makes it easy.

Stencil twitter tool for image creation

Price: free to use for limited access to the library but enough for a newbie and a pro plan start at 9$ per month to try more than 2 lakh photos, graphics, and Icons.

You can also access the Stencil chrome extension for better usability.

Relaythat – another fish in the ocean like Canva and stencil. It left a watermark on your work; maybe you do not like that. Upgrading to pro is the way to remove watermarks.

It does not have an app or extension. Still, relaythat owns a Facebook community that you can join for design ideas.

Twitter Tools for Mentions & Monitoring

Keep tracking of mentions on social media is vital to grab the opportunity it brings and avoid the pitfall in customer success. With millions of followers and thousands of customers, monitoring can be challenging to do at scale. These tools come handy that empower you to give undivided attention to your conversation around your brand, online.

The Best Twitter Monitoring Tool

Brand24  – is a dashboard provider kind of tool that analyses your brand mention on social media with sentiment analysis and influencer score. Brand24 allows you to interact with customers, manage your reputation, gather valuable consumer insights, measure the impact of marketing, and improve sales.

Twitter Tool Brand24 for Mention and Monitoring on twitter account

Price: a plan of BRAND24 starts with 49$, which also offers a 14-day trial with no credit card.

Warble: provide alerts through email on your hashtag, phrase, keyword, and mention when you are busy doing important stuff.

Twitter tool for email alerts, Warble!

Price: free to use.

Keyhole: is more than a hashtag analytics tool covering social listening, keyword tracking, and social media monitoring in one dedicated dashboard. You can compare the other brand’s accounts and campaigns to get the useful insight that ultimately increases your ROI. It is a paid tool with a free demo on request.

Price: get a 7-day free trial, and the plan starts with $29 for three social media account tracking.

The One Million – track the keyword in real-time through geolocation feature as they tweet by a user. Click on the map location to see the tweet content, owner, and date/time. You can also know the audience sentiment on your branded hashtags. Check at least once, a useful tool!

Twitter tool #Onemilliontweetmap

Price: this visual twitter tool is free to use.

The Best Twitter Tools for Scheduling Tweets

Interesting and motivating content needs to be there when your followers are online coz content drives engagement and engagement bring success. Being online every time is not possible, and able to post from everywhere irrespective of device and website is the key to a strong presence. And here, scheduling twitter tools do the work by posting the specific content promptly from any page on the web.

Woman organizing images on the floor

Social JukeBox – can put the posting on twitter at autopilot with a preferred hashtag and audience targeting. You can create multiple JukeBox and use them to schedule the post to one account at the specific time interval for better engagement.

A screenshot of a social media post Description automatically generated

Price: it has plans named advanced, pro, business, and ultimate. Advanced charge $19.99/month for 5000 stored post and 10 jukes per account.

Twibble – automate the RSS feed for the endless content for your twitter timeline with hashtag A/B testing. It works for Facebook as well. Twibble automatically mentions the expert of any hashtag.

Twitter scheduling tool

Price: 7-days full-featured trial is available with a pro plan that costs 10$/month for an unlimited twitter account and 50 feeds.

SocialPilot – provide bulk scheduling of posts with a calendar view. A content suggestion feature gives endless content for your Twitter account. It helps you in making the data-driven decisions by looking at the beautifully report with essential metrics created with one click.

Price: SocialPilot comes with a 14-day free trial, including all the features, and the least plan “professional” starts at $25/month for 25 social media accounts with 2 Facebook ad accounts.

Yes, It has a chrome extension and app for ease of work.

Postfity – covers Instagram(reminders), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and VK (Russian), and it allows you to add up to 200 social media account. They have advanced analytics to better understand the target audience and drive more engagement. You can collaborate with others when handling multiple profiles and accounts under the paid version.

Price: No trial period but gives14-day money-back guarantee when you choose any of the available three plans that start at 9.99$ for 15 social media profiles and up to 100 post scheduling.

Postfity offers a chrome extension to share exciting content without leaving the page. It has an app on both platforms, iOS and Android.

Missinglettr creates strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic for an entire year, leaving you focused on what’s important.

Price: the solo plan is of 9$ for one user in which you can schedule up to 1000 posts. – is a social media manager which automatically schedule post from RSS feeds, news photos, and videos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

The Chrome extension by is available.

Price: free for two platforms with three posts per day limit.

Buffer – is my twitter scheduling tool on the list, which I used every day to share authoritative content with my small audience. Also, Buffer’s social blog is a good source of knowledge about everything, social media.

Price: free to use with a limited social account and post scheduling.

Sendible is another social media tool mainly for agencies to create social media strategy for multiple clients and to track the task given to an individual. Different streams and ROI metrics right in front of your nose under a beautiful dashboard. Sendile got apps for you to work on the go.

Price: starter solopreneur plan starts at 29$/month per user.

Sproutsocial provides solution according to your needs. Whether it’s an enterprise, agencies, or small business in social listening, management, marketing, employee advocacy, analytics (good ROI is a great thing). Most importantly, for me, customer care.

Price: SproutSocial offer 30 days trial with a minimum plan of 99$/user for a month for five social media profile.

Sproutsocial has an app for its paid customers.

Tweetdeck is a free tool made by twitter. This tool helps in organizing the tweet and hashtag according to your need in a separate feed. Tweetdeck can manage multiple accounts and hundreds of lists simultaneously and is one of my favourite tools, even big companies, use TweetDeck to straighten their social media marketing.

Price: free official tool by twitter.

Tweetdeck Chrome extension is available for quick access.

Statusbrew is a social dashboard that aims to grow your followers and increase engagement on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Use it to publish and schedule your content and to monitor, manage, and engage your audience.

Price: Free with limited features, all plans include a 14-day free trial and paid plan name essential cost 99$/month for most of the parts except sentiment analysis.

You can download the Statusbrew app from the play store.

Everypost can fetch rich content from various platforms to post it for your audience.

Price: there is a free plan with one account and ten scheduling posts and goes up to $99.99 for unlimited scheduling and group management.

SocialOomph allows 5 user account at a time. It offers features like tweet scheduling with link shortening, tracking keyword, purge old tweets, view mentions, and retweets. Most famous bloggers use this tool for their social media campaign as it covers more platforms, including twitter. Now, they have enhanced and redesigned the tool with more plans as compared to two, which previously socialOomph had.

Price: 30 days free trial and paid version cost $55/month for 20 social profiles and an RSS feed feature.

I wish they have a chrome extension and app to utilize its free unlimited posting feature entirely.

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar where you can plan, strategize, and execute your marketing strategy – content marketing, social media, and other marketing projects.

In terms of social media marketing, you can use their editorial calendar to plan all your social updates and easily publish them directly or schedule them later.

Coschedule also helps you post at the best times for maximum impact, and you can upload updates in bulk and add your messages to a queue to be republished regularly.

Price: Price starts at 18$ for the blog calendar plan.

Chrome extension and app both are available by Coshedule.

PostPlanner knows the importance of consistently posting great content on social media – and not just yours, all day, every day. What PostPlanner does is allow you to find the best possible content to share, which you can search for by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page, or twitter handle. Then, you collect all content and start feeding it automatically to your audience. The tool knows the best times to post, and it will automatically share and re-share great posts so that you can rest back and check on your engagement.

Twitter tool Post Planner website homepage

Price: this is the best tool for scheduling content for your social platform if you are a small business. Its lowest plan cost $3/month for up to 300 post scheduling and content discovering, which is less the price of coffee in the U.S.A.

Postcron is a social media scheduling tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram with hashtag suggestions.

There is a bulk uploading scheduling feature, and it is capable of automatically adding your logo or watermark to any images you share to show authority

Price: the starter plan costs 9.99$ per month for eight social media accounts with 100 post scheduling limits.

It had a web extension on chrome and app on play store to share the interesting articles to your audience swiftly.

Oktopost is a social media engagement platform specially designed for B2B marketers that will turn employees into advocates. You can leverage data across various platforms by tracking social media data and decide what is working for you.

Price: book a demo if you are considering it.

Oktopost has an app on the android and iOS platform with an average rating of above four stars.

Oktopost twitter tool also has its chrome extension for scheduling your favourite articles in just one click.

The Best Twitter Tools for Hashtags

Hashtags are the soul of conversations on social media. Hashtags are used to find specific information on twitter.  And, choosing the right hashtag is vital to share your thoughts to the right person on the Internet. Hashtags help brands to build a community and every small business must have the branded hashtags in their arsenal. To find the topic of your interest, follow the hashtags twitter tools given below.

Just Do It Hashtag

Hashatithelps you find the content around a hashtag from the major social media platforms, including twitter. It also offers to search for a keyword, mentions, and a URL. All the features can be used without the signup.

Price: free to use with unlimited search.

RiteTag, you can add hashtags, emoji, and gif with this to enhance your post for better ROI. RiteTag gives hashtag suggestions for text and images. RiteTag is available at Web, Google Play, chrome extension, and iOS

Twitter hashtag tool, RiteTag.

Price: it comes with a 7-day free trial and 49$ per year price.

Ritetag provides you with both the chrome extension and Android app. get hashtag suggestions for twitter and Instagram and track them for future insights. You can download the reporting in CSV or pdf format to show vital metrics to the relevant people.

Twitter tool Hastagify for hashtag suggestion.

Price: 7 days trial with a minimum plan cost $29/month for real-time twitter hashtag information.

You download the chrome extension from the web store to the right hashtag for your every post.

Tagboard creates a board of content through your chosen hashtag from various social media platforms that are visual and beautiful.

Price: Request for the demo and inform the size of your team to get dedicated pricing. track your keyword and gain valuable social media insight. Hashtag plays a vital role in your social media plan.

Price: it got plans for individuals and agencies with the same features depending on your required, and the lowest plan cost $49/month.

Trendsmap shows hashtag on world maps to follow the trend, choose by location, and keyword to focus on your objective.

Price: do the log in via twitter to use this twitter hashtag tool for free.

Hashtest shows the best, good, inadequate, and useless hashtag by using different colours to differentiate them. Personally, I used the chrome extension for popular hashtags.

Price: free to use, and you can access the chrome extension for quick work.

Hashtracking another hashtag analytics tool for your social media campaign.

All-hashtag is one of my favourite twitter hashtag tools. It can be hashtags finder you need before you post your next tweet.

Price: free to use

Unionmetrics – Union Metrics is more than free TweetReach snapshot reports! We’ve upgraded TweetReach Pro, and it’s now part of Union Metrics subscriptions. Monitor all the topics and profiles important to you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Improve your social media strategy and execution across social media with Union Metrics.

Price: free to use with limited features and paid social media manager plan starts for one user.

Tweetbinder – is a social media analytics tool that analyzes and classifies Instagram and twitter content. You can create a 500-tweet report from the last seven days for free.

Optimize your campaigns and events activity on Social Media

Price: free report up to 500 tweets of the last five days. gives you the local and global hashtags that are trended on twitter at different time intervals during the last 24 hours.


Price: free to use

iTrended – Find whether your keyword trended or not. If yes, then it can also show position in different locations on twitter for the last 2 weeks. It has twitter trend data way back to 2009 that is based on worldwide, country, and city trends. You can download the data in CSV format for further analysis.

Price: the first report is free, and the monthly subscription is of 95$ for ten reports.

Followerwonk shows you the follower more precisely by their tweets’ location and timing, so you better engage with the customer when they ready.

Find influencers in your niche, follow and analyze them with follower wonk.

Followerwonk twitter tool homepage

Price: free to use for one profile with limited access.

The Best Miscellaneous Twitter Tools for You

Daily140 – get a daily email with the most interesting content out of your Twitter timeline. Receive a highly actionable daily digest alerting you to these new signals.

Twitter tool "Daily140" for receiving alerts on follows and favourites.

Price: free for tracking three users, and there is a plan of 5$ per month for ten twitter accounts.

TwtQpon – social coupon platform to reward your customers. “A must-have tool” by Daily Finance.

Price: free to use.

Twtpoll – Do a survey to know your audience better with the availability of sample surveys to choose from to test.


Which Twitter tools do you use regularly? Which are your favourites in the year 2020? Let me know in your comments, and please share 🙂

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